Friday, May 02, 2008

Today Show's Lack of Environmental Concern?

I like the Today Show because it is a brilliant combination of engaging personalities, excellent interviews, even attractive video, and good old commercialism. No TV show leverages every minute of its air time to make money better than Today.

However, Today is ultimately positioned as a news program and rarely does a week go by where they don't take someone to task for "failing to go green," for being "environmentally insensitive," or telling people clever ways to be successful conservationists. With that, I am surprised that the program has gotten a pass from the blogosphere and others for its recent "Where in the World is Matt Lauer" segments.

Obviously the feature is extremely popular, taking Matt to exotic locations around the world in a week. This year his destinations were (in this order and from the site):

* Day One, Buenos Aires. "On the first leg of his global adventure, Matt visits a city known for steaks, wine, the tango and more..."

* Day Two, Amsterdam. "Matt jumps the pond to the city of bikes, red lights ... and tulips."

* Day Three, Laos. "Matt's third stop on his adventure takes him to Southeast Asia, to the the landlocked Communist country of Laos."

* Day Four, Istanbul. "For the best of both the East and West, Matt heads to Istanbul on the fourth leg of his journey."

* Day Five, Seychelles. "Matt finishes his adventure in an island paradise known for eco-tourism"

It has been an exciting five day journey with great sights and sounds (see video above). But look at the above destinations and a map and you will find that the show criss-crossed around the world adding thousands of miles to the journey as it practically flew over future locations. It boasted being the longest journey for Matt in the history of the feature, but with significant additional energy cost. Then again, the show enjoyed a boost in ratings this week, so I guess life is full of trade offs.

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I'm sure there had to be some reason they took the routes they did.

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