Thursday, June 12, 2008

Forbes Magazine Sizes Up Celebrities

Forbes is at it again. It has done another of its annual surveys and this time the focus is on celebrities. Who are entertainment's most powerful people? The measure isn't based on money alone, but also on the subjective "buzz" that surrounds them. Such factors makes individuals like myself a little nervous, but here is the list with comments:

1) Oprah Winfrey. Are we surprised? The daytime queen has recently had a night time presence and will soon have a network of her own. Further, she has a massive web presence, magazine and more. Her entrance in politics may have caused her a bump, but she is still good as gold.

2) Tiger Woods. The richest man in sports is charismatic and smart. I am not surprised to see him on this list.

3) Angelina Jolie. I am not as sure about this one. Angelina Jolie is attractive, does her obligatory movie every year or so, and has opinions on just about everything under the sun. But I don't quite understand her either on the list or at this level.

4) Beyonce Knowles. Another celebrity that I can't help but think is slightly over rated. Beautiful and in many commercials, but in the top ten? I just have my doubts.
5) David Beckham. Maybe a decade ago. Maybe. But today? Certainly over rated. Beckham can't even "bend it" like Beckham any more. It is as though he came to the US because he hadn't worn out his presence here yet. I believe that will be short lived.

6) Johnny Depp. Depp reminds me that money must be a huge factor because he is relatively off the radar screen compared to many others on this list. My daughter says his looks alone makes him worthy.
7) Jay-Z. Initially a rap artist, Jay-Z is evolving into a media conglomerate in his own right. He also co-owns a night club and the New Jersey Nets. Very impressive.

8) The Police. Of course I love the Police and was delighted to see them come together for their reunion. However, they are one of the many on this list that raises more questions than answers.

9) J.K. Rowling. Rowling is brilliant and has to be as much a financial genius as she is a literary one. She transcends generations with people on Wall Street to Sesame Street (almost) familiar with her and her work.
10) Brad Pitt. See number 3. I don't get it.

Who did you think deserved to be on the top ten? Did you care? The Forbes lists tend to change fairly dramatically and the entertainment one in particular. I have to wonder how relevant this list will be in several months, let alone years.

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