Wednesday, August 06, 2008

What Happened to Cavuto?

Neil Cavuto is one of my favorite broadcasters and he was missing on the Fox Business Channel and Fox News for a month and a half. He was instructed to "shut up." Doctors said he shouldn't talk and his body wasn't allowing him to say much any way. He was suffering from complications of MS. I was suffering from the string of substitutes that came through and who sat in his chair. They were all fine and some of them, excellent, but they were not Cavuto. Cavuto is the best mind -- and voice -- in business news today in my opinion.

Cavuto was back in the chair this week following surgery on his throat. He didn't quite look himself. He had clearly lost weight and he didn't have the full strength of his vocal cords. But he was sharp and was prepared to be rough and tumble with his guests. He was ready to discuss the economy, the government, or whatever issue was on the radar screen. Each guest sincerely welcomed him back to his chair and it was a great sight for sore eyes for the television audience.

Also this week, Cavuto joined a small parade of Fox News staff to appear on Good Morning America on ABC recently. Media Bistro reported "Continuing the trend of Fox Business Network anchors appearing on ABC's Good Morning America, Neil Cavuto joined Diane Sawyer this morning to discuss the stock market and the drop in crude oil prices."

You learn during this interview the true extent and seriousness of the surgery. Cavuto states about his "throat surgery: I had what's the equivalent to a paralysis of my larynx. My throat was paralyzing, if you will, a poor choice of words. And they had to do this surgery leaving me with a 'bionic throat,' to open it up. And for six weeks I just had to shut the heck up which was difficult for me. But I learned the value of just listening."
If you watch Cavuto closely, he is one of the few hosts without an agenda. Obvious or hidden. He makes everyone uncomfortable when they fail to be forthright and is quick to validate anyone who speaks the truth. He leans to the right, even if he might be uncomfortable with such an assessment, but he leans towards the truth with even greater passion. He is non-partisan about holding guests accountable.

I noticed Cavuto had been gone. For the first couple of weeks I assume it was a vacation. When it dragged on, I thought of the battle he once had (and overcame) with cancer or whether his MS was creating new problems. Sure enough it was the latter. His battle for his health may be the reason behind the thing I enjoy most about Cavuto. His sincerity and genuine interest in the important things in life. He treats everyone with respect and dignity and he is known for his generosity among those whom he works. I'm glad he is back in his chair.
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Anonymous Eddie Thomas said...

Cavuto is great, thank you for thinking of him.

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Eddie Thomas said...

Cavuto is great, thank you for thinking of him.

10:34 PM  

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