Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Are Democrats Declaring Capitalism Dead?

This is one of those posts that are very hard to write. It is the kind of thing that I would prefer to "rant" about rather than approach with calm, because the situation really is quite upsetting. Things that is so important to our culture, our history, and our affluence is being declared dead by members of the Democratic Party. Free enterprise, limited government, and private property are being treated like old and dead ideas. Democrats see them as concepts that didn't work and should be swept away.

In the early 1990s I traveled several times to Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union conducting seminars on how to convert their economies to free markets while I was a Fellow with the American Economic Foundation. Today, all of the economies in the countries I addressed with the exception of Belarus have lower tax rates than the United States today. It appears our universities and political leaders need similar seminars in our country.

Governor David Paterson of New York told Fox News today that it is time to begin the public works programs similar to what we had under Franklin Roosevelt. He joins numerous Congressional Democrats making similar proclamations. In a candid encounter with a man on the streets, Presidential candidate Barack Obama said that he believes that "spreading the wealth" is a "good thing."

Historically, the purpose for taxes is to pay for those programs that were designed to be beneficial to all and provided special privileges for none. During the Great Depression, the idea of helping those due to extraordinary circumstances came into practice after early attempts by the Supreme Court to stop such policies, failed (Roosevelt out lived enough members of the Court and appointed those with a similar worldview to take their place and the majority). This was soon followed in the 1960s by a "War on Poverty" that became more like an assault on the poor that led to an increase of economic despair annually until the policies began to be reversed in the 1990s (which has led to a reduction in poverty). We are right back at the point of going back to the government creating a paternal relationship with its citizens. Are we like sheep? You bet!

Irresponsible organizations like ACORN fund individuals that include Sen. Barack Obama, who in turn "organized" his "community" to pressure local banks to back loans that lead to our subprime crisis. As a result of the efforts of people like Obama, the unaccountable banks gave more money to his campaigns than any member in the history of the Senate with the exception of the Banking Committee Chairman, Chris Dodd. Obama leads the effort to undermine the fundamentals of our financial system and he will be rewarded with the highest office in the land. People are "entitled" to home loans we are told, let the standards that keep banks operating healthy be disregarded. Now we are being told to bailout the banks that have taken such a route.

This massive push towards socialism isn't entirely the Democrats fault. In fact, John McCain has done an excellent Democrat impersonation by saying he wants some of the $800 billion to go directly to home builders who are struggling so they can pay off their loans. Let's reward those who bit off more than they can chew, he argues, but there will be no benefit to those who had adjustable rate mortgages and figured out how to maintain their obligations. Talk about moral hazard!

Republicans aren't losing the election today because voters have denounced free enterprise, it is because they can't find a serious candidate that is promoting such. Republicans have done a terrible job of defending economic freedom since Ronald Reagan and voters are lost as to where they can find those who will support economic liberties. I have said for a long time that if Republicans are going to act like Democrats, you might as well vote for the genuine article. Republicans need to get prepared for that probability as we approach the election.

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