Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blagojevich Epitomizes Obama's Plight

Barack Obama is making it clear when it comes to Rod Blagojevich and his efforts to sell a Senate seat: "I was as appalled and disappointed as anybody by the revelations earlier this week," Obama said. "I have never spoken with the governor on this subject. I am confident that no representative of mine would have any part in any deals related to this seat." However, we have video from a senior Obama staffer that indicated that the President Elect and his staff had been communicating with the Governor. Before Obama even takes the oath of office he is in the middle of a huge scandal in which people have no idea how far reaching the investigation might be.

When Bill Clinton was elected President he declared that he was going to have the most ethical Administration ever. That wasn't the case and is laughable in retrospect. In spite of promises of conducting government differently, Obama knows that both the culture of Washington and of the Chicago political machine he comes from mandates that he should stay away from outrageous claims of excellence in ethics. This Administration will be continuously dogged by ethics issues because he rose to power in one of the least ethical political environments in the country.
The state of Illinois has become notorious in producing criminal politicians. The FBI in charge of the Blagojevich case has said that if Illinois isn't the nation's "most corrupt state," it certainly is a major competitor for the title. Three former Illinois governors since the early 1960s have gone to prison. Who knows, maybe Blagojevich can become roommates to the governor who proceeded him, George Ryan.
I am afraid that the Chicago political machine is going to continuously haunt Obama. The media may currently love him, but they love a good scandal even more. Individuals often become known for the people that surrounds them. That does not bode well for the President Elect from Chicago.

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The Senate actually put one of the criteria from this list as part of the bailout and the unions wouldn't make the concessions. It is fortunate that the Senate held the industry to the same type of standards an investor would put on a company before putting money into it. That is the only way this bailout wouldn't happen.

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