Friday, May 01, 2009

Democrats are Candid in goal to Destroy Private Health Insurance

In recent months, the Obama Administration has been placing increased pressure on private health insurance, while building momentum for nationalized health care. The government is increasing mandates on health insurance companies, while failing to cover the additional cost.

Furthermore, they are giving business owners every incentive to not have health insurance for their employees. One of the best examples is the recent mandate on businesses to pay 65 percent of COBRA coverage to individuals who were laid off due to the economic downturn. These companies are forced to pay for this unplanned expense are expected to be "reimbursed" through a specific tax credit. But like most credits, the devil is in the details, they may not be able to enjoy them immediately and those savings will likely be devoured through the other tax increases being placed on businesses.

The Heritage Foundation points out that "established research shows that a public health plan will 'crowd out' private insurance, forcing millions of Americans off their current plans, and away from their family doctors." It goes on to say that the last few months of bailouts and SCHIP (Children Health Insurance Program) were designed to make "a substantial down payment on major expansion of government run health programs."

For those who think that people are exaggerating about the Democrats intentions, Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) has practically ended that debate all together in a recent speech in which she made it clear that it was the intention of Democrats is to destroy private health insurance. These objectives were seen in the President's so-called stimulus package, which included:

  • Bailing Out State Medicaid Programs.

  • Health Care for the Unemployed.

  • An Infrastructure for Rationing.

  • Billions of dollars would be spent on a health IT information "architecture" for exchanging information and training health care professionals.

These priorities show a government's preponderance towards rations, unfair competition, and the crowding out of private health insurance companies.

The media is beginning to report that a national health care package could be passed in just a few months. The US is the last bastion of innovation in health care with a system (warts and all) that has made us the leader in medicines and treatments. If the Democrats have their way, it will be replaced by one of rationing and a lack of choices. Is that the change that the American people can believe in?

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