Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sheila Jackson Lee's Lust for the Microphone finds her Singing Jackson's Praises

Let me preface this with a disclaimer. I've dealt with Sheila Jackson-Lee before and neither one of us count the other as "friends." Several years ago I served on a panel in a televised debate in which three conservatives faced off against three liberals on how to solve poverty problems. The only person I remember on the other side was Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee (at least I can call her memorable). Over the years I have participated in a huge number of debates and other forums, but this was one of the most interesting. I got to call one of the most liberal Members of Congress that she was a "poverty pimp" to her face. I doubt I will ever forget the look on her face. Sheila Jackson Lee is one of many liberal politicians who survive off of poverty. If her constituents some how became wealthy, they would throw her out of office at their earliest opportunity. This is because her high tax and big government worldview is fundamentally opposed to the idea of wealth creation. We are not members of a "mutual appreciation" society.

In addition to this, Lee has a reputation as being one of the most dangerous people in the country when it comes to standing between her and a microphone. I watched very little of the Michael Jackson "lovefest," the few minutes I was on, there was Jackson-Lee. Knowing the casket was probably feet away, they might want to begin questioning her as a suspect. I wouldn't say should would knock off "the gloved one" to be able to have such a large platform, on the other hand, she might.

What she said at the event was odd, even by Sheila Jackson-Lee standards. It fact, it was even a little odd for an event that may go down as one of the most bizarre in recent history. Michelle Malkin pointed out in her blog that "Democrat Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee just pimped the stupidest House resolution ever on stage at the Jacko memorial at Staples Center. She held up a big, framed copy of it as the crowd cheered. That was after she extolled 'The King,' painted him as the world’s greatest humanitarian, and demagogues the child molestation cases by proclaiming that members of Congress “understand the Constitution” and “we understand laws” and we know that “people are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN OTHERWISE!” Yes, she did. Right there in front of Jacko’s three children." That resolution was to honor Michael Jackson (read the strange document here). Malkin goes on to ask "Who paid for Jackson-Lee’s flight to L.A.?" Knowing Jackson-Lee, this "important resolution" and "Congressional business" justified the taxpayer expense in her mind. With representatives like Sheila Jackson-Lee, no wonder our nation is in such a mess.
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