Saturday, September 19, 2009

GOP needs to Realize that Protests are about them too

The Associated Press is reporting that "House Republican leader John Boehner says nationwide protests known as 'tea parties' are the result of push back against Democrats' spending." Yes, this is true, but equally guilty are Republican members of Congress who have supported a gradual approach to socialism. This is the same type of spending that has no support in the Constitution and gives the left its justification for going all the more further in its agenda. The rationale is simple...illegal spending is illegal spending, regardless of the amount. You might as well go for the gusto if you are going to pursue it at all.

The AP goes on to note that "Boehner says his Democratic colleagues are 'bankrupting' the country." This is true and there is no doubt about that reality. The GOP's problem with the situation, however, isn't the bankruptcy, but the fact that they are no longer over seeing it. Much of Republican complaints seem to be about who is in charge and not the damage being done.

The Minority leader also notes that "People are demonstrating and attending town hall meetings because...'we're in the midst of a political rebellion in America.'" I know the Congressman would love to put himself in the "us" side of the classic "us vs. them" conflict. Sorry Mr. Boehner, you are "them." You supported President Bush's bailout in September and am a convert of convenience when it comes to the proper role of government today.

It should not be a surprise that the Congressman gave these remarks at an event like the annual gathering of the the Values Voter Summit in Washington. These were, in his mind, "his type of people." These are among those who are the loudest about the dramatic decline in America's moral and economic standing.

Boehner indicated that he attended a tea party over Labor Day weekend near his West Chester, Ohio home that that drew 18,000 people. He says the crowd told members of Congress that "enough is enough." The thing I do not think that he and many of his GOP colleagues understand is that the comments are directed to both sides of the aisle in Congress. If the shoe fits, Mr. Boehner, by all means wear it.

Ironically, this article that discusses John Boehner's view of the Tea Party still sticks with the story of "tens of thousands of protesters fed up with government spending" that "marched to the Capitol." The media ignores the real numbers because they are afraid that acknowledging them will have an adverse effect on the political establishment they are devoted to. The media is guilty of under estimating the number of people in this movement. I am afraid the GOP under estimates how far this movement's anger reaches.
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