Saturday, February 13, 2010

Discussing economic prosperity and more on Fox News

One of my favorite programs is Fox News' Strategy Room and I enjoy spending time on that program almost as much as my own, the Price of Business. The host of the hour I was on, Eric Bolling, has this unique knack of focusing on the consequences of government policies in a manner that is uncommon among many media personalities today. This may be due to the fact that his knowledge does not end with a traditional journalist education, but years of experience of working in the business world in general and the rough and tumble world of commodities in particular.
The "Biz Hour," which Bolling hosts, is also referred to as the "ADD Hour," because he covers a plethora topics. It is a true "strap on your seat belt experience" as we travel the world of the day's headlines.
Some of the issues we covered:
  • Tax cuts vs. tax credits. The President has been emphasizing short term and often politically convenient "tax credits," when what is actually needed are deep and across the board tax cuts, if we are serious about creating more jobs. There are, of course, various types of tax cuts. "Demand side" or "consumer driven" tax cuts are geared towards the middle class. They are designed to increase consumer demand, but in an economy such as this, they are used to pay bills and little else. This is why they have little or no impact. Supply-side tax cuts, made famous by Calvin Coolidge, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan, are across the board and proportional in their reach. These cuts lead to significant wealth (and job creation).
  • Banking regulation. Many liberals are complaining that lending has become too difficult for poorer Americans. I know, it sounds like the banking crisis all over again. These same individuals who believe that those who do not deserve a loan should get one are typically hyper critical of entrepreneurs who seek one, even if they are credit worthy.
  • Government attitudes towards small business owners. This Administration seems to pity the poor and wants more of them and it desires mega corporations because they are easier to control. What the Obama Administration seems to despise are the small businesses and entrepreneurs that drive the vast majority of job creation in this country.

Strategy Room combines the best of traditional TV and online programing. It provides nationally known media personalities, such as Eric Bolling, but allows the public to serve as a "co-host" by driving questions via email, Twitter, and other online sources. Strategy Room may very well be the future of talk show programming.

Kevin Price is a syndicated columnist whose articles frequently appear at ChicagoSunTimes.com, Reuters.com, USAToday.com, and other national media. Kevin Price is also host of the Price of Business (M-F at 11 AM on CNN 650). Hear the show live and online at PriceofBusiness.com. Visit the archive of past shows here.

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