Monday, April 09, 2007

New Studios for the Houston Business Show

Regular readers of this blog have seen my remarks regarding our world famous studios (they were actually the old news "closet" in the old KIKK days). Well, I am proud to announce that we have gotten brand new facilities that put us well into the 21st century. We now have top of the line facilities with four microphones and a large studio table. In the photo you will find Houston Business Show Advisor in the information technology area, Richard Sonnier between breaks. Richard is President of Nimble Services and has been an with the program for over four years. I have had some people comment on the old studio and was encouraged to share our good news. That is the exact purpose of this post. I now feel like I'm a part of the media elite.

On this week's show I visited with Bruce Kaufmann of Kaufmann Capital Advisors and Business Show Advisor on Corporate Finance and Jim Stein of the Bank of Houston. You can learn more about these guests and listen to the show 24/7 by visiting the Houston Business Show website.

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