Saturday, April 07, 2007

Tommy Thompson's Proposal on Iraqi Vote Makes Sense

Former Wisconsin Governor and former Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy Thompson (R) has come up with a proposal that could dramatically change the debate when it comes to the war in Iraq. Many liberals believe that the war is both a losing battle and an illegitimate one. Many argue that it was an act of imperialism on the part of the US government designed to put a puppet government in that country to support the objectives of the US. Thompson wants to have a referendum among the Iraqi people about a continued US presence in that country.

I believe recent elections (see photo) in Iraq have already validated the case for a US presence in the eyes of Iraqi voters. Terrorists told Iraqis that participating in the election equaled a vote for a US presence. As a result the allied forces had to take extreme measures in other to implement the voting process. Because of the possibility of bombers, people were forbidden to drive and often forced to walk for miles in order to cast a vote. The threat of snipers was rampant and voting at all was potentially very dangerous.

In the election in which the Iraqi Constitution was approved (something many considered a direct referendum about the US involvement), over 63 percent of the people voted. This is significantly higher than the 55.3 percent in the 2004 election (and 37 percent in 2002 in an off year) in the United States under much safer circumstances. The Iraqis seem very excited about the opportunity to cast a vote.

I believe Thompson's idea has a great deal of merit and should be seriously considered. My guess is that you will find very few opponents of the war who will get on board this proposition, I believe the voters should demand candidates to seriously debate this idea.

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