Monday, January 07, 2008

Charles Payne: Positive About the Markets

On today's Houston Business Show I interviewed Charles Payne, author of "Be Smart, Act Fast, Get Rich" and a regular contributor to the Fox Business Channel and Fox News. He is also the founder and President of Wall Street Strategies.

On today's program we discussed his fascinating background, his convictions about investment, and his strong optimism about the future of the economy.

Charles Payne epitomizes the spirit of the free enterprise system. He spent many years growing up as a "military brat," travelling constantly in fulfilling his father's obligations and enjoying relative affluence. Then, somewhat abruptly, his parents divorced and he found himself facing financial struggles that he had never experienced before. His single parent mom did the best she could to provide, but he struggled immensely through these years.

Instead of resentment, Payne joined the military himself and developed a love and a passion about Wall Street at an early age. He saw it as a place where one could pursue the American Dream and even own a part of some of the largest companies in the world at a very low cost.

His book makes an eloquent case for participating in that market. Furthermore, he provides the essential "how to" information for individuals to be able to participate by themselves. He actually demystifies the market and makes it accessible to virtually everyone. You don't need a "middle man" to pursue the market, just some sensible tools like those in this book.

Interviewing Charles Payne is a little like visiting with Warren Buffett. His philosophy is full of common sense. If you have passion about a particular product or service, shouldn't you make money from it and not merely spend money on it? You have a favorite clothing you like to wear? One which you promote to others? Why wouldn't you want to make money on it through investment rather than simply spending on it for immediate pleasure?

Charles is extremely optimistic about the future and the economy. Something I find refreshing for anyone working in the news media at any level. He acknowledges that most in the media don't behave as thought they are in the news business, but in the bad news business. In most every respect, this economy and this nation is something to be very positive about and that is exactly what he is on the air, in his book, and in his newsletters at Wall Street Strategies.

I suggest reading his book. Regardless of what level of investor you are, there is important information for you and your finances. We need to be spurred on to take advantage of the American Dream and that is exactly what this important book does.

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Payne's awesome. He's one of my favorite people on Fox News.

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