Monday, May 26, 2008

An Interesting Approach to Memorial Day

During yesterday's service at our church (First Baptist in Houston), we had little slips of paper falling out of our bulletins when they handed them to us when we walked in. I thought it was a printing error (excess paper or something) and I picked it up and began to roll it up to throw it away.

One of my kids pointed out there was print on it and I looked. Sure enough it did and I found it had information on one of our heroic troops who died in the war against terror. Everyone who had a bulletin that day got a similar sheet. My sheet honored Lance Cpl. Louis W. Qualls of Temple, Texas. We all prayed for the families of the individuals on those sheets. Following that, we had a slide show with orchestra. It was a very memorable experience.

I say this, not to boast about my church, although I certainly am proud of the respect they had for our falling, but to simply remind people what Memorial Day it is all about. Remembering those who have -- and continue -- to sacrifice for our country. To see others who have made such a sacrifice, and to remember what they have done, visit here. God bless the United States and our troops.

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