Tuesday, May 20, 2008

yourBusinessChannel.com Is Worth Visiting

I love those things that gives us a window into the future of business and business media in particular. It is hard to tell what we see will end up filling that void on the front end. Sites we like and don't like are largely based on preference. Every once in a while, however, I find a site that simply "wows" me. That is the case with yourBusinessChannel.com.

My exposure to the site first came through an email that had a subject line asking "Are you receiving my emails?" I get hundreds of emails daily and I often have a bias towards those whose name I recognize. There was a good chance that I missed previous ones or I dismissed them as spam. But I was looking now and I opened the link to the site and to my surprised I was very impressed.

It helped to have low expectations -- when you get suggested links as often I do, that is always a sound thing to do. But when I got to yourBusinessChannel.com, I noticed immediately that it loaded very fast yet enjoyed plenty of "flash," had a huge number of links that begged to be viewed, and several other practical resources. The number of resources they have are impressive, including sources of business ideas, how to build a business, how to create revenue streams, and more.

The site has so many resources and links, I'm reluctant to say what it "is" and "is not' without more research, but it appears it is not a typical business news site. It isn't competing against CNBC, MSNBC, or other business media sites. Rather, it is more of a high tech clearing house of business information, with great tools that allow business in people to add more content to their sites, create additional revenue streams, and find other practical business information.

The only down side, if there is such, is that the site seems to require you provide email to access any of its video content. There is no charge for much of it (although there is for some of it), they just want your email, etc. This is contrary to what is standard in business today. However, who knows, maybe the time is right for such an approach.

The website sought me out for advise because of the work I have done with the Houston Business Show site and I am, of course, flattered. I will be surprised, however, if there is anything I can add to add to this excellent website.

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