Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Diane Sawyer Provides Sigh of Relief

After Barbara Walter's scandalous and embarrassing book Audition (which would better be described as "Outrageous"), I'm sure virtually everyone who knows anyone that is a media personality is holding their breath. Walter's casually exposed relationships that she had been discreet about for decades, exposed things that she agreed to keep in confidence, and did more to damage her career in a few weeks than all her adversaries combined did over years.

Concern of other "tells too much" (more honest than "tell alls", in my opinion) have been eliminated when it comes to at least one major media personality. Diane Sawyer, a former White House aide who has dated and has known well many major characters in history would be, I'm sure, one with much to say about those individuals. She has tastefully decided to keep that information to herself according to MediaBistro and TV Week's Insider Q&A. Much of this has to do with her love of her morning show, Good Morning America. According to MediaBistro:

"She'd like to increase, "if I can, some of my specials in prime time;" and that she doesn't keep a diary, so don't look for a memoir. The Insider: Speaking of looking back, it's been a week in which Barbara Walters' memoir has made headlines screaming from every tabloid show and cover. Can you envision writing a memoir?

Ms. Sawyer: No.

The Insider: Can you envision having to promote a memoir?

Ms. Sawyer: Ummmm, no. But I don't keep a diary. I don't tend to assemble things. I also don't have Barbara's amazing history. I think she has written such a beautiful and courageous book, because she and I had a long lunch about her book and what she was doing, and I know that she did it in part because she thought, "Here all these years, people have let me into their real lives, but I can't write a book that isn't about my real life."

Sawyer has a decidedly different spin on the Walter's book, than I do, but it is clear that we can't expect a book from Sawyer. At least not any time soon. I would prefer she would argue "good taste," rather than lack of personal history, but I'm glad to see that another trash book won't be making it to market any time soon.
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