Monday, May 05, 2008

Denny's Gets Tough with Competition

Recently I had breakfast with a business associate at Denny's and found it a very interesting experience. When I walked in the store I saw signs comparing Denny's to the competition. How they offered "real food" versus the wimpy breakfast meals of the competition. In fact, you begin to get the impression that eating breakfast anywhere else but Denny's means you are either stupid, or you like wimpy food.

This emphasis doesn't end at the locations. I visited Dennys.com and noticed the slogan for the company and seen often in the site is "Real Breakfast 24/7." They are definitely putting other restaurants on notice.

This message is also seen in their new TV commercials, which they display with pride at Denny's website. The "heroes" in these commercials -- those demanding their Denny's breakfast -- are not particularly endearing or attractive (typically the best actors for such spots), but they are tough. They want their Denny's and they want it now.

I don't know if these ads are successful or not, but they are being noticed. In an environment with so many commercials that are easy to ignore, this is certainly saying something.
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Anonymous John Wes said...

I think the ad campaign is clever. I have started eating there (particularly breakfast) for the first time in ages.

9:54 AM  

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