Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Media Has Made Its Choice for President

While people are going to the polls in West Virginia in what is expected to be a Hillary Clinton landslide, the media has begun the formal anointing of Barack Obama as the Democrat's nominee. Both candidates are being described as having "different styles" and are clearly entering a different stage by the mainstream media.

Most of the networks have discussed Obama's "new swagger" as a "presumptive nominee," but none seem to provide tangible examples of how this is seen in reality and not mere projection. Reality had Obama saying that if he would claim to be the nominee he would be "presumptuous" considering that Hillary was just days away from racking up a win in West Virginia.

Meanwhile, we are told that Hillary is starting to take a more "conciliatory tone" and will soon be transitioning from opponent to party unity. The reality I have seen has Hillary remaining strident and some of her allies alluding to the possibility of another "bomb" going off more dangerous than Rev. Wright in the Obama campaign.

What is interesting is that all the networks, including Fox, seem to be on the consensus train. I for one believe that Obama is much more than likely to get the nod, but the current discussion in media seems to be little more than wishful thinking.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is old news. Obama has had a free ride for months.

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