Friday, March 06, 2009

What we can Learn About Business From Forrest Gump

One of my favorite films is Forrest Gump. It is full of great values on family, friends, morality, and life. Although its principal character is fairly cut and dry in terms of his integrity, this movie is not a simple fairy tale. It is a strong statement on how the choices people make matter.

During the film, Gump promises to go into the shrimp business with his good friend Pvt. Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue. Unfortunately, Blue died in the war, but Gump was a man of his word and he decided to go full speed ahead in making a company in his buddy’s name as soon as he got the money. In a turn of events that only Forrest could enjoy, Gump found himself in business and out on a boat trying to make a living catching shrimp. Unfortunately, Gump was late to coming to this market and found he was struggling to make ends meet. All the old timers knew the best place to find shrimp and poor Forrest was out cold. He didn’t give up, however, and through determination and prayer he found himself prepared for the opportunity of a lifetime.

However, it didn’t look like the opportunity of a lifetime when it came upon him. Instead, it looked like the end. A massive storm hit his port city and the vast majority of the competition hid from it and put their boats on the shore. They had a “bunker” mentality and a “buckling down” attitude and the result was the destruction of virtually all the ships. This was not the case for Forrest Gump who stayed on the boat and on the water; his aggressive attitude made him one of the only survivors of the storm.

Today, more people are interested in marketing than any point I have ever seen. The era of low hanging fruit is over and people know they have to go after potential clients. The question is how to do it. I have friends telling me about phenomenal marketing opportunities and can’t make a decision. They are simply stuck. What is preventing these people from making a decision? The biggest reservation is time commitment. They understand that virtually all marketing has a ramp up period before it reaches its effectiveness, but don’t know about committing for six months or more. My question is, “what do you plan on doing in six months?”
Those who do nothing will find themselves like those poor souls that were competitors of Forrest Gump. Their customers will disappear in this stormy economy while those who are aggressive will prosper. Unless you honestly plan on doing something else for a living a year from now, consider your marketing as a long term prospect and not a short term action. This economy will go to the brave and the bold, not to the faint of heart.

This article originally appeared at CNN650.com, part of the CBS Radio Network.

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