Thursday, April 09, 2009

Strategy Room: More Reasons Big Media Should Fear the Little Screen

Today I had the opportunity to be a guest on my favorite show, on the little screen, Strategy Room on FoxNews.com. Eric Bolling did a fantastic job of leading his panel on the "ADD Hour" (as he likes to call it) on exploring Somalian Pirates and more on today's program. The group of panelists were diverse, the discussion was lively, and Bolling maintained that perfect balance of letting it "rock and roll" without losing control

One could easily retort about my claim that the show is a small screen phenomenon by saying, "maybe, but only because it is on the small screen." In reality, with the exception of those who play with the carrot with the smiley face that is something of a show mascot, this program is very similar and better than those that enjoy a big screen presence. It is the fact that it is on the small screen that it is a threat to other traditional media.

The number of quality channels that people have to choose from are virtually without limit. We have comedies, dramas, documentaries, current events, reality etc., etc. etc to choose from. It is true, we have similar "limitless" programming online, but few have the quality of Strategy Room when it comes to competing with the big boys. Very few indeed. There are Strategy Room from 9 to 5, Monday through Friday, there is the new FoxBusiness.com Live, and the CBS News' Washington Unplugged (which is a high video quality, but terrible in its editorial bent). Other than that, most programming is amateurish or not unique to the Internet (shows that have appeared elsewhere on TV, but archived online).

I believe Strategy Room has a further edge over the other few uniquely Internet based programs -- the number of hours it is on. With the program running 8 hours a day, people have all the reasons to stay with it throughout the day. It dominates the Internet. Increasingly, people may channel surf on their TVs , but won't think about touching that web channel, since they are getting big screen quality on the Internet, for what often feels like "non-stop."
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