Friday, May 29, 2009

Fox Business to Tackle Red Ink

This morning I had the opportunity to visit with one of my favorite broadcasters, Eric Bolling of Fox News and Fox Business, for this blog. The purpose was to learn more about his fascinating career that has included professional baseball, being one of the world's largest commodity traders, and his work in cable business television. He began that TV career with CNBC and is has been a pioneer at the Fox Business Network. I will be going more into Bolling's story in a future article. For this piece, I want to mention that Bolling will be one of the many Fox Business personalities who will be involved in the coverage of what the Network is calling "Red Ink Week."

In a press release, the "Fox Business Network (FBN) declares the week of June 1st 'Red Ink Week.' The American government, and so the American taxpayer, is now drowning in red ink. How much of this will be billed to your family and your future generations? Have we ever seen anything like this before? Has anyone? Do we have a reasonable expectation of getting out of it?" What I appreciate about this is that the network is taking this subject on with the passion it so greatly deserves. There is no "dry" detachment like the subject of a history book, but the sounding of an alarm, which is so greatly needed. The network has our attention, the burden on them now will be to help us calmly navigate through our national challenge.
The press release went on to say that "FBN will have a full five days of coverage dedicated to uncovering how the government is spending taxpayers’ money and what the long-term implications of the auto industry and bank bailouts will be for taxpayers of today and tomorrow. Politicians, industry experts, and business leaders will be on hand to go through the line items and discuss how much of this will be billed to our families and future generations." It is refreshing that the network will be focusing on where these policies are having their biggest impact. They are studying the financial institutions, factories, and main street businesses being pounded by government action and the people who work in these actual industries. It is important to get the perspective of policy makers, but it is more important to see where these policies are showing their biggest impact.
The coverage begins Monday, June, 1st through Friday, June, 5th at 7 PM Eastern Time. If you have money, you are going to want to watch this programming.

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