Thursday, June 11, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Visits Houston

Nancy Pelosi recently visited Houston, Texas and she received a rude awakening. Texas is not San Francisco. Glenn Beck loves to discuss the unique way Texans think about government, economy, politics, individual responsibilities, and liberty. Nancy Pelosi represents an area that fundamentally believes that people are victims, that government is the solution, that freedom is selective, and that some people deserve better treatment than others based on income, ethnic group, gender, and other factors. In many respects, Houston is the anti-San Francisco.

The reason for Nancy's visit? Pelosi was in town to promote her book, "Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters" at the Progressive Forum Houston ("progressive" is a euphemism for socialism). What she found was a large group (approximately 1,000) of Texans who are members of the Tea Party Society. This group was delighted to politely remind her that Houston's values are a little different than San Francisco's.

Pelosi's values includes:

  • A record of increased government growth and higher taxes. She fundamentally believes government is the solution to many problems that are best solved by people.

  • Consistently voting for energy policies that directly leads to higher prices at the gas pump and increases dependence on foreign countries.

  • Calling illegal aliens "patriots" for violating immigration laws in this country.

  • Voting against protecting America's election process by opposing efforts to require IDs at elections.

  • Being an architect of the largest take over by the government in our history through regulations, taxes, and spending. It took over 180 years to reach a trillion dollar debt. Obama, Pelosi, and company are adding that amount annually through the current budget.

The crowd in Houston -- and seen in Tea Party movements around the country -- are looking for a different agenda and they come with a completely different sense of values.

The Tea Party movement is made up of hard working Americans. moms and dads, students, employers, employees, and entrepreneurs. Many are wondering who has been at the wheel and they are believing it is time to change those at the controls.

Pelosi loves to tell people about the problems she has inherited as Speaker of the House. The reality is, she has been in Congress since 1987. During that time she has served in numerous leadership positions and has consistently voted for more government, taxes, and regulations at every turn. It is safe to say, when given the opportunity to choose budgets, she always chose the biggest. Tax rates? The highest. Regulations? More. This is why so many people are up in arms today.

"The times, they are a changing." One of the people that needs to go, is Nancy Pelosi.

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