Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Last Thing the GOP Needs is an "Alternative" Health Care Plan

Just when you think the Republican party is prepared to draw a line in the sand and put up a fight against the hostile take over of our health care system by the government, we are now hearing about a likely GOP alternative to the Democrat's rationed care system. This is, of course, business as usual. One party will propose a bill and the other party will offer alternatives in an effort to slow down the direction in which the country will be heading. Democrats might offer an alternative to a policy that is too "free market" for their tastes, while the GOP may offer a plan that might slow down the pace towards socialism. That is the problem, particularly when it comes to socialized medicine. To produce their "knee jerk" policy alternative to socialized medicine, which will be filled with government intervention of its own, will merely make the case for a lighter form of socialism, when a case for the free market needs to be made.

Instead, the GOP should take a different approach. Republicans should go on their own offensive and attack what the government has done to health care to date, what government will do to innovation in the future, and how rationed health care has devastated the lives of others around the world. Republicans need to read the growing sentiment of the American people who are looking for Constitutional government and not merely a slower vehicle towards totalitarianism. The following are some bullet points that might help those who want to resist this government expansion:

  • Make it personal. Do you know people who have received poor treatment under socialized health care in other countries? How about those who received government care in this country? My mother's family was from England and had relatives die due to socialized medicine, so it is easy for me to make it personal. Spend a little time researching socialized health care horror stories. Conservatives for Patients Rights is an excellent source of information.

  • Talk innovation. According to Forbes magazine, 80 percent of all innovations in health care are from the United States. For decades, the prevailing technology that has been used through out the world are from the USA. The reason for this is simple, this country is one of the last with a financial incentive to improve health care. When we remove the incentives in health care, we will naturally see technology slow to a trickle

  • Talk about the law. Remind Members of Congress that the Constitution doesn't have a provision for socialized medicine. Furthermore, Article I, Section of the Constitution states what the federal government can do. Point out that this is an issue that is suppose to be left to the states, according to the Tenth Amendment. States such as California, Massachusetts, and Oregon each have comprehensive health care programs. Other states can develop their own, where such is allowed, each state can observe what others are doing and increase the likelihood of developing something that works. Republicans who are afraid of opposing socialized health care should say "I am open to such reforms as long as it is done by the states, where it is allowed."

Obama's health care agenda is immoral. Period. It is stealing from some to pay for others. The state of Hawaii had a universal program that lasted only seven months. Why? "People who were already able to afford health care began to stop paying for it so they could get it for free," said Dr. Kenny Fink, the administrator for Med-QUEST at the Department of Human Services. "I don't believe that was the intent of the program" he went on to say. Whatever amount the government claims it will cost is a mere fraction of what it will actually be. It will be ineffective, expensive, destroy innovation, and be a massive waste. This is a great opportunity for Republicans to take the offensive and fight for the rights of patients.

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