Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Rise of HoustonBusiness.com

Recently I put "Houston business law" in Google and up appeared Shahara Wright on page 1. Later I put in "Houston factoring" and up came Steve Hansen, very high on page 1. Out of curiosity I tried "Houston Business Brokering" and, again, a very high on page 1 Ralph Fain. Google searches are probably the most common way individuals find businesses today. What do these people have in common? They are all Business Show Advisors and were found, not on their own websites, but through HoustonBusiness.com. Many businesses pay tens of thousands of dollars to get noticed on the web through optimization, but fail to do the simple step of making sure they are found on sites such as HoustonBusiness.com. Yet the cost of being in a directory such as HoustonBusiness.com is only $4.95 a month. I'm not criticizing optimization services, and can recommend some excellent companies for such, but it makes sense to do the simple things such as get seen in places that search engines easily find.

HoustonBusiness.com has become, in just a few short years, one of the largest trafficked web sites in the Houston area. According to Alexa, an Amazon company that monitors web traffic, HoustonBusiness.com is ranked number one for companies when "Houston Business" are put in its engine. Considering the number of businesses that have that name, that's an impressive number.

HoustonBusiness.com has over 750,000 hits by over 70,000 unique visitors each month. It is widely promoted on the Internet, supported by a business radio show on CNN 650 (the Houston Business Show, and by three billboards that over 500,000 people see daily. According to MarketLeap.com, HoustonBusiness.com has close to 9,000 web sites linked to it, showing the power of its presence on the web.

Again, businesses can get the most basic listing for only $4.95 a month and a premier listing (which includes greater prominence, radio promotion, and newsletter promotion) for only $19.95 a month. Find out about both by sending us an email.

I don't normally do such brash self-promotion, but every business that takes itself seriously in Houston, needs to have a presence on HoustonBusiness.com. Its a very affordable way to take one's business far.


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