Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Donald Trump Changes His Mind

Donald Trump, who announced a few months ago that he was "quitting" the Apprentice program he has had on NBC, seems poised to change his mind. True, the show has only around 1/3 of its original viewing audience from 2004. Also, it appears true that NBC had actually canceled the program a few months ago and simply hadn't formally announced it. In other words, Trump "left" before he was fired.

This being the case, would anyone be surprised that Trump would "change his mind" with the rumored interest on the part of NBC to bring the show back and the millions he will make in both salary and free exposure for his brand? That is the world of "the Donald." He's not fired, he quit; NBC didn't change its mind, Trump did.

With the program likely to come back, I have a few suggestions:

* As the show worked to become more like a circus and less like an interview, it lost audience. Instead of becoming more interesting, it instead became more ridiculous. I think it needs to go back to its roots.

* Cultivate an interest in what the apprentices are working towards. They have several seasons behind them; they should spend more time showing the world of the past winners to give the audience a taste of what people are trying to obtain through the show.

* Make the expectations more in line for a person who is suppose to become the President of one of Trump's companies. I don't think most people could care about the ability of the aspiring apprentice in promoting a car wash, but would like to know how he or she would create a new brand.

Regardless of what you think of Trump, you have to be impressed to a certain extent of his ability to always figure out how to land on top and make his down turns look like part of a "larger strategy."

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