Monday, July 02, 2007

A New Look for Terrorism?

Gordon Brown (photo), the brand new Prime Minister, has had a difficult week to say the least. Recent incidents in the UK, may they be by Al Qaeda or "wannabes" could increase significantly through out the West from now until our 08 elections. This sounds contradictory from an earlier post I wrote on the subject in which I said that the reason we haven't had a major 9/11 type incident is because of the the Iraq War, but this isn't the case.

* Most incidents should be relatively low key and highly specific when it relates to Al Qaeda. This would be the kind of activity we have seen since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. This is the kind of activity designed to remind Americans that life is so much more difficult for all of us "because" of this war. However, Al Qaeda does not, in my opinion, want to do the type of event to attract US resolve (like 9/11 did).

* However, there are several confederate groups that claims Al Qaeda, but Al Qaeda doesn't always claim them. These groups have their own agendas, are not particularly competent (every one of the attempts that have been on a large scale as of late seem linked to independent groups that lack efficiency and they usually fail), and could either care less if it makes the US more hostile or might even desire such for their own confused reasons.

Al Qaeda has to maintain a balancing act, enough terror to make the West angst, but not enough for it to rise to the occasion. Instead of creating grounds for us leaving Iraq, such should have the opposite effect, because our departure would only heighten their resolve that they are winning and they would be empowered to wage a bigger war in our own back yards.

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