Thursday, June 14, 2007

Is CBS News Using Rosie's Strategy for Ratings?

For the last several days I have felt like I have been watching Rosie O'Donnell, but she is largely under the radar screen. Instead, I have been watching the battle breaking out on national news between Dan Rather and CBS President Les Moonves over the "demise" of the network since "Rather left."

Rather says that the network -- and broadcast news in general -- have been "dumbing down and tarting up." Both comments seem to be pointed at Katie Couric (photo), although Rather denies it and says it is a statement about news in general. Les Moonves has gone immediately to war, calling Rather "sexist" and that he is suffering from sour grapes. Furthermore, Moonves argued that the network was devastated long before Rather left and before Katie got there, which is why the veteran needed to be replaced.

I'm now waiting for nasty comments about someone being "too fat," "too stupid," or having "bad hair." Oh, that's the Trump and O'Donnell debate, network news would never resort to that. Hmm, then again, I guess they already have. I deny, however, that the network is at all interested in "tarting itself up," in spite of my choice of a photo. Furthermore, would the major news network resort to Trump and O'Donnell tactics to increase ratings? Of course not.

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Anonymous eric said...

It seems CBS is resorting to every trick in the book to increase ratings except for one that worked for 30 years...delivering hard news without slanted editorialized biases or fake footage. Edward R. Murrow is rolling in his grave.

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Happy June.


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