Tuesday, June 05, 2007

See How They Run: Did Hillary Clinton Look Presidential to You?

During the Democratic debate I noticed that Hillary (photo) acted like she was the incumbent holding on to her seat. It was a scary vision of 2012.

Hillary's rise in the polls, her attitude of entitlement that she "earned it," and her vast experience in politics made her simply seem more Presidential in the others. But it was more than that. She acted like she had something to lose. "We are far more alike than we are different," she told the audience and her fellow contenders. She was already making the "vote for me on ability to get elected" case that typically comes much later in the game. I think this strategy may win some. It was really quite convincing, especially when you think of all the times we have seen her in "Presidential settings" over the years.

But for most, I believe it will be a policy that makes her fall on her face. There were 9 candidates on that stage and there was nothing she did in her presentation to make her stand out from the others. In fact, that was her exact strategy. This type of arrogance, "the pride before the fall," will come back to haunt her. A few more presentations like this -- being cool instead of passionate -- will haunt her in the end and I believe we will see it very soon in upcoming polls.

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