Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Did I Get Myself Into?

Last week I commented, favorably, about a possible challenge by Eric Dondero (photo) against Ron Paul for the latter's Congressional seat at RedState.com. My comments were about a challenge to Paul, not an endorsement for Eric Dondero. This is what I wrote:

"I believe libertarian Republicans are crucial for the salvation of both the party and this country. I just recently had coffee with Eric (Dondero) in Houston (where we both reside) after exchanging several emails and I was really impressed by how articulate and sensible he is on the issues of the day. There are areas where we disagree, but many more where we have agreement.
I have known Ron Paul since the early 1980s when I was a leader in Young Conservatives of Texas. He is articulate and intelligent, but completely off his rocker when it comes to our national security. If Ron Paul had his way, the United States would be come a third world country succumbed by a world that considers us a door mat. Liberty? Absolutely, but without protecting our national interests, that is the global equivalent to libertine, which always translates into destruction.
I believe an Eric Dondero candidacy for Congress would be a move that would be beneficial to Texas."
Upon leaving this comment I have received several emails from individuals who are warning me about Eric's candidacy and, if those statements prove true, I will not be able to support his candidacy. My response to the issue can be found here:.

To sum up:
* The war against Islamic Fascism is the most important issue facing the US today and my vote will be determined by that issue above any other in the up coming election.

* Ron Paul has one of the worst positions on the war of any Member of Congress, regardless of party affiliation.
* I support a Ron Paul challenge, but not a Dondero challenge specifically.

That's where I stand. This politics stuff is tough!

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