Tuesday, May 15, 2007

When Your T-Mobile Crashes

In January I announced with excitement that I purchased a T-Mobile Dash (photo) and have been largely singing its praises. Today, my phone crashed. The result of this disaster made me realized the following:

* My cell phone is so much more than a phone. I have several kids playing baseball and I love watching the games. However, I also love to keep track of my favorite Major League Teams -- the Astros, Tigers, and Orioles -- during my kids games. That has been seriously disrupted by my phone's downfall.

* I work more efficiently with my phone. I answer several emails throughout the day with my T-Mobile Dash.

* There may be something to be said for cell phone insurance. I rarely pay for such warranties, but this phone wasn't cheap and I was afraid it wasn't very firm. Sure enough, it didn't last six months and I'm not particularly tough on the phone. I'm glad I got that insurance.

The thing I found most surprising is how lost I feel without it. It still rings and I can still talk on it, but without the screen, it seems like a shell of its former self. It is amazing how dependent I have become on a technology I have only had for only around 8 years.

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