Thursday, May 10, 2007

Geico Gets Increasingly Clever

I love the Geico Caveman commercial and I believe the company is brilliant at getting its message out. However, I'm equally excited about the new commercial on "a better way of spending 15 minutes online." In the new commercial the company shows individuals making complete fools of themselves and aspiring to be "YouTube stars." Time better spent would be finding a better rate for car insurance.

I'm fairly certain that they got the spots from YouTube and will further feed that insane frenzy. I wouldn't be surprised if Geico take this concept to the next level and create their own "YouTube" type platform or create a strategic alliance with YouTube in which Geico gives exposure to the videos and YouTube creates a special (and prominently displayed) area for people to submit them.

Increasingly advertisers are going to have to offer "more." More reasons to watch, more creative ways of making sure the message is heard, and variety in the messages. Those who recognize such will find their advertising much more successful.

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