Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Today Show Sends Warning to Men

I have been a big fan of the Today Show and have mentioned it often in this blog. The wildly successful infomercial (how I refer to it and it is a compliment) that was already on an hour longer than similar shows, has decided to expand to 11 AM. In anticipation of this big move, they have brought on several correspondents. With the exception of former New York Giant great, Tiki Barber (photo), all of the new people are women and their focus has been on topics that clearly leans towards women -- female fashion, cooking, make up, etc. I can't name any of these other women because none of them played in the NFL, but all of them are going to bring largely female oriented topics to the program in light of the way they were introduced (yes, cooking is a female topic, in my opinion).

In addition, the Today Show is investing a small fortune in a new set devoted to cooking segments. With four ovens and several stoves, this kitchen is serious! This kind of investment indicates to me that they will be spending a great deal of time cooking. It seems to me the future of Today is with women and that they plan on making it a competitor to the other lifestyle programs that are so common in the morning. The future of Today has a strong feminine bent.

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