Monday, April 23, 2007

See How They Run: The Republican Quest for a Quality Candidate

My first vote in a general election was for Ronald Reagan in 1980 at the ripe young age of 18. Since then I have voted in virtually every primary and general election for which I have had the opportunity. This current Republican lot for President is the east impressive I have seen over the last 27 years and it is also the largest group. This crowd is a mess.

The sheer number of minor league candidates and the weaknesses of the heir apparent (who people would think would be John McCain) almost makes me wonder if the Republican party is in shambles or if they are letting Democrats win in '08 so they can thoroughly mess things up and restore Republican rule for years to come (a possibility in light of how disastrous the Democrat front runners are).

Democrat rule of Congress should empower Republicans and make them optimistic about our prospects. The Majority Leader (Harry Reid) is voting to fund the war and putting our troops at risk and at the same time declaring that we lost and it is over. The Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) appears to be breaking the law by representing the US in meetings with tyrants that our State Department has requested she not have communications. The Democrats have failed to govern and has held our legislative process hostage through the pursuit of witch hunts rather than policy changes. Left to their own, the Democrats are in serious trouble.

But the Republicans must offer an alternative and I don't see it in this group. I, personally, am hoping that former Senator Fred Thompson (photo) jumps in this race. He is a solid conservative from the South (crucial in winning Presidential elections), he has wide spread name identification, he isn't "needy" when it comes to the job, and his Hollywood credentials makes it difficult for him to be painted as outside of the mainstream (because he is on the Right). He is spending virtually nothing and is pulling higher numbers than many of the major candidates in the race.

If not Thompson, someone in the current group needs to rise to the top and needs to reflect the best that the Republican Party can offer.

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Anonymous Tim said...

If not Thompson, someone. I'm with you, this is a weak group.

2:06 PM  

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