Monday, May 07, 2007

Roger Clemens Goes Back to NY

It is odd, but I get the sense that both my town of Houston and the Big Apple of New York are giving collective sighs of relief that "the Rocket" is going back to the Yankees. Yankees are pleased because their guy is back home. Houston is pleased because we can possibly pick up a few high quality (and very needed) players with change to spare for the dollars required to keep Clemens.

I, personally, wanted to have Clemens retire in Houston. There are no Hall of Famers from the Astros and I was hoping that Clemens would be one of the first (with Bagwell, who should be a shoe in). Instead he will likely be one of the many who wear Yankee uniforms in the great museum.

I use to think retiring in Houston would have certain economic benefits for Clemens, but I don't think it will matter any more. He is rich beyond measure and I don't think he needs to make many long term economic decisions to abundantly secure his future. Furthermore, Texans love him. He will always be the kid from Spring Branch (my kids go to the High School he went to), who has his "Roger Clemens Foundation" sign littered on many good projects. His foundation even provided a scholarship to my daughter to take a dual credit college class she took.

I have no doubt that Clemens will settle down here for good soon, his kids and wife are entrenched in the area. He will likely make as much, or more in that next career as he does now as an athlete. He will probably have a dealership, promote HEB grocery stores or others, and will be an all around good citizen. The economics of Roger Clemens is very good.

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