Friday, April 27, 2007

See How They Run: Also, See How They Fly

The first debate for the 2008 Presidential election (photo) took place last night (can you believe it?) and the biggest story wasn't how different the candidates are from one another (there was little discussion on such), or even the difference between the Democrats and President Bush (a big part of the discussions), but about how the candidates got there.

All of these candidates have taken the nation to task because of the Global Warming issue that has become so prominent today. All of them discuss the need to conserve energy, develop better fuel alternatives, and car pool at every opportunity.

Of the 9 candidates that participated in the South Carolina debate sponsored by MSNBC, at least four of them (Clinton, Obama, Dodd and Biden) left from Washington, DC at about the same time (following the Iraq funding debate in the Senate) on four separate private planes (all of the Democratic candidates are using this mode of transportation). At a cost of around $9,000 a flight and at a huge fuel cost, you would think one of these champions for energy efficiency would have suggested jet pooling! It didn't happen, they just boarded their respective energy hogs, possibly shaking hands at the airport and wishing each other a good flight, and met each other again at the forum.

Most people are chuckling about this story, but it speaks to me about the hypocrisy that is pervasive in politics today. Candidates who pound the public over the head with their moral mandates while breaking their own rules every opportunity that get. Until a couple of elections ago, virtually every Presidential candidate traveled on the major airlines, saving their supporters dollars, helping the environment, and conserving energy. Ironically, there was little talk of Gloabl Warming in those old days. I, personally, find the hypocrisy sickening and will start reminding politicians to put their money and their actions where there mouths are.

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Anonymous Chris Alexander said...

Wow, your comments showed humor and anger, tell us how you really feel?

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Chris Alexander said...

Your post showed humor and anger, tell us how you really feel?

12:55 PM  

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