Friday, May 18, 2007

In the Clever Marketing Department

Yesterday, I received an email from Duncan Hunter's campaign for President and, I must admit, it is really clever. The email, exclusively for those working in the media, stated in the subject line that "A US Congressman wants to talk to you" and had the following message:

"United States Congressman Trent Franks (photo) of Phoenix wants to discuss politics with the media. He is so inspired by the candidacy of fellow Congressman Duncan Hunter that he is offering his personal cell phone number (202) ###-#### to the media. It is another sign of the growing traction the Hunter for President Campaign is getting as it travels through the early primary states. Franks has been an ardent supporter of Hunter since his campaign began. He is offering media interviews to analyze the recent South Carolina debate where Hunter scored very high, as declared by political strategists. 'I vision Duncan Hunter in the White House in 2009 and I want to visit with the media representatives to explain why.' Franks describes Hunter as, 'One part Ronald Reagan and one part John Wayne. 'Franks said he believes Hunter possesses the strength of character and the leadership qualities Americans want. He added, 'Duncan Hunter is the right man at the right time for the right reasons.'"
In the old days I use to do campaign consulting, so I find this idea interesting and if its objective was to get me to call, it worked. Sure enough, the very friendly Congressman answered the phone and we visited for several minutes as he walked to cast a vote. He is very passionate in his support and sincerely believes in Hunter and (to listen to him), his chances of winning.
Hunter is fortunate to have such a passionate ally and an excellent "guerrilla marketing" staff. Furthermore, Trent Franks is a winner himself in this program, because many in the media who are not familiar with him will likely remember him because of his involvement in this innovative project. This week, I have to give the Hunter campaign an A+ for effort.

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