Tuesday, May 22, 2007

CBS Should Hire Stone Phillips...Fast

Stone Phillips was "let go" today from NBC following a fifteen year as co-anchor of the very popular "Dateline" program. I believe that CBS should hire him fast.

The 53 year old veteran broadcast journalist is smart (Yale graduate), very articulate, handsome, and projects himself very well. He has won numerous Emmys and Peabody Awards over the years and has a reputation of being extremely professional. I believe he would be an excellent replacement for Katie Couric, who will be likely to leave CBS in the near future, in my opinion.

He has the right look and style to attract the younger set that Katie was suppose to get, but he is a mature enough male not to chase off the primary audience of nightly news (males who are 60 years old or older).

He wasn't let go because of lack of talent, but because of Draconian efforts by the peacock network to keep costs down. He isn't being replaced by anyone. Instead his co-host, Ann Curry will do the whole show on her own. Ann is extremely popular on the highly rated "Today Show" so choosing someone who had to go was quite simple in this scenario.

I believe CBS should jump on this. They can acquire him at a very competitive rate because of the circumstances he is under. I believe they should get him pinch hitting for Katie and put him in right away as the permanent anchor of the weekend news broadcasts. Don't be surprised if this happens quickly. Don't be surprised if this happens sooner rather than later.

I believe if we don't find him at CBS we will see him at the new Fox Business Channel in a very prominent role. This will not be the last we see of Stone Phillips.

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