Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Why We Haven't Seen Another September 11th

People have wondered why we have no had another incident like September 11th. Sure, we have your occasional anthrax scare or ad hoc group making plans, but we haven't seen anything like September 11th. It isn't because our enemies lack the resources or the resolve, they simply have better memories than many Americans.
They remember how the US was like a Sleeping Giant that abruptly woke up and immediately went to war in Afghanistan. They remember how Saddam Hussein and his regime was held accountable for violating terms of the conclusion of the last Gulf War.
Our troops are "over there" and our enemies want us "over here." The Islamic Fascist know that another September 11th will do nothing to reach that objective, knowing America's ability to respond.

An example of this is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, a man who was behind September 11th and focused extensively on the West in his terrorist activities. That was the case until 2003, in which he moved his focus to fighting in Iraq and is believed to be the man who killed Daniel Pearl. Others in the al Qaeda movement made similar moves back to the Middle East.

My view is simple. I want this war fought by well trained volunteer adults in the Middle East, not by families and little children at school in the Midwest.
Let's keep the war over there in an effort to keep it away from here.

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