Friday, June 08, 2007

The Power of Paris Hilton

I usually have no stomach for bleeding heart liberals who cry "victim." "Affluent whites getting special treatment," "minorities unfairly treated," blah, blah, blah. My response is "do you want some cheese with that whine?" Generally speaking, the laws are designed to protect minorities, often to an extreme. In fact, one can argue that we are a nation that suffers from reverse discrimination, with laws that put the majority "in their place to make up for years of harsh treatment to minorities."

There are individuals, like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who make a living out of exploiting the victim status of minorities. In fact, as long as they can keep their constituents victims, they these purveyors of poverty will always have a "job." So, I get tired of the complaints, and then Paris Hilton comes along and validates all of their claims in one week.

Paris Hilton (photo), convicted for driving without a license ("you mean if my license is suspended, I can't drive?), is sentenced to over 20 days and appears (at the time of this writing) will only be in jail for three. Her "health status" (actual problem unknown to the public at this time) led to her early release, but don't worry, she will still do her time. Except now it will be in a 4,000 square feet section of her family's mansion. Also, they are roughly doubling her sentence. Wow, life is tough, forty days in a mansion!

In addition to the large social problem cited above, the sad thing on an individual level is that this girl needed an opportunity to save her life. If she continued on this path, I believe she would be destroyed. In my opinion, those twenty days could turn her life around. Paris needed to be "scared straight" and every day in the joint got her closer to that objective. Instead, the lesson she has learned is that she will always figure out a way to get out of trouble. A bad day for an individual and for social progress as a whole.

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