Monday, June 25, 2007

Why Do Women Always Win in Commercials?

I just saw a commercial for Sprint in which a man and woman had a race to determine who had a faster phone (I think it was to get online, or something, but I was too interested in the demographics of the race). The woman, of course, won. The same is true with virtually every commercial that includes men and women. In these commercials, generally speaking:

* Women are smarter. I'm amazed that men are able to get their pants on in light of what the media conveys.

* Women work harder. Unless a man can turn it on or off from a couch, he isn't going to do it.
* Women are better. If a job is going to get done, it will require a women.
I have been trying to figure out why this has happen (men generally being seen as weak idiots in the media), and I think it could be a consequence of several things:
* The culture in general seems to be largely anti-male. Unfortunately, this isn't completely without cause. Men cause most of our crime and they are much more inclined to abandon their responsibilities to their families. I doubt if beating them up in the media will do anything to reverse this sad trend.
* I believe that many of of the institutions that affect culture (TV, magazines, art, etc.) are becoming increasingly dominated by women. I believe this is particularly true of the marketing and advertising fields that use to be dominated by "Ad Men" and is increasingly being over taken by women in these posts. I believe there is a general consensus that women are more creative and artistic, making them ideal for these fields.
In the end, I'm sure there are other factors driving these trends and I think the move in this direction should be a little disconcerting to all of us, including women, because many of them have sons whom they would prefer to be better men. Media is powerful and will, in my opinion, have a direct impact on the type of men we raise in our culture.

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