Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Value of Blogging

I have been blogging for around a year now and have learned a great deal about this important business tool and wanted to share a few observations.

* You can reach people around the world through blogging. Copies of my posts and articles have appeared in Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and French!

* Blogging can increase web traffic. Combined our websites have around 100,000 unique visitors, my blog has been a driver in that traffic.

* Blogging can build credibility. Increasingly I am finding my posts on other business, political, and economic sites referred to as an authority on these issues. I'm not claiming it, but certainly appreciate the flattery.

* Blogging increases the number of clients you receive. I'm getting more and more calls and emails from individuals who are looking for information based on posts of mine they have read. These in turn often become clients.

* Blogging takes time. I ramped up slowly, roughly one a week, and now typically do one a day (five days a week). It took a long time to be found or to see a payoff, but it has become increasingly beneficial. Now I have almost 1,000 links to my blog outside of my sites, but this didn't happen over night.

I suggest you begin blogging today and spend time getting educated on the subject. Be it about your business, your passion, or long term goals. I have found it an excellent tool to build one's business.



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