Friday, June 15, 2007

Will Matt Lauer of Today Lose His Job?

Should Matt Lauer be fired for "hate speech?" Probably not and certainly shouldn't, but in the Politically Correct world in which we live in, anything is possible. In a brief discussion with guest, singer Enrique Iglesias, he asks the heartthrob about his love life. Iglesias admits "I'm difficult to live with." Lauer responded with something to the effect of "I understand that, you have that Latin thing going." There was a look of a little shock on Iglesias face, "what does that mean?"

You could see that Lauer was starting to lose color to his face, but he already stuck his neck out too far and went along with it, you know the "anger" issue, he said. Fortunately, Iglesias let it slide and went on to his next song, but I could almost hear Lauer catch his breath.
You know, of course, what I am going to say. If it had been someone who had a reputation of being Conservative, he would have had to apologize profusely and could possibly be fighting for his career and his reputation. Of course, the day is young yet, Al Sharpton may still be in California -- hours behind New York -- complaining about special treatment that Paris Hilton is receiving and he isn't up yet.
My mom was from England, she came right off the boat (a war bride). So I get made fun of for my choice of food ("meat please, hold the taste") and sense of humor (slightly sarcastic, to say the least). It is okay, I'm a white male, and I think there is room for humor at my expense (although I do have a very broad appetite for food). Furthermore, I'm not justifying anyone demonstrating bad manners to anyone else. But what I am saying is that we have all become a little too sensitive and need to take it light. Fortunately, it appears that Iglesias is willing to do just that, but I think the PC culture as a whole should take it down several notches.

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