Monday, November 19, 2007

Fox Business Network Update

The Fox Business Network has been around since October and I thought it was about time to do a progress report. My assessment is that the company is making a major splash early and could alter the ways business news is delivered. Here are a few observations:

* Fox Business, unlike CNBC is more personality driven. It is true that the latter has its "money honeys", but even as a news junky, I have a hard time remembering who they all are.

* Fox Business gives each of its shows their own unique format. CNBC is driven almost entirely by stock related news and it is difficult to differentiate their shows from one another. Fox has different environments (an actual bar for "Happy Hour") and formats (such as Dave Ramsey on "financial freedom"). CNBC, which I actually like, tends to blur between the lines in a way Fox has successfully avoided.

* Fox is multi-generational in scope. With the various settings and topics, as well as with the more youthful personalities, I see Fox Business creating a bridge that will make business news more relevant to a wider audience.

Fox is still early in its venture, so I don't want to jump to any dramatic conclusions, but my gut tells me that Fox should be good for business.

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