Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fox Business Comes To Houston Comcast

I don't write very often about local business issues, but I have to mention the latest happenings of Fox Business in Houston. I have Direct TV so I had it a couple of weeks before, but Comcast now has the Fox Business Channel in the Houston market and I assume it launched nationwide on the cable provider. It couldn't come a minute sooner.

All my friends have heard rumors about it; "isn't Fox Business coming soon?," "when is Murdoch's business channel going to be on?," and "I can't wait to see Fox Business." The resentment has been huge. "I already have it," I would say innocently to frowns and groans. Then I would add insult to injury by going into detail about how much I love it. I was relieved by the news it was added to Comcast and learned several things from the exchanges with friends:

* Comcast seems to have many customers. The vast majority of my friends have it. Yes, this is anecdotal, but it seems to ring true.

* Not every Comcast subscriber will necessarily benefit. According to Comcast, 600,000 homes in Houston will get Fox Business. But I think there are over 800,000 homes in Houston's entire interconnect. I'm concerned that everyone I know will fall in that unfortunate group that doesn't have the channel. We will wait and see.

* Murdoch knows how to create buzz. People have been talking about the network for almost a year, I have rarely seen so much interest in a new TV channel.

In Houston, Fox Business Channel is big news. If you are a Comcast subscriber, visit their site and find out whether the channel is now waiting for you.
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