Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hospital Visit Reminds Me of Auto Repair

Remember the good old days when we trusted doctors? Remember that we thought of doctors in the Marcus Welby tradition? People that we could trust and take on face value that what they say is true? Well it appears those days are gone.

Recently my wife had to have surgery and I waited patiently in the waiting room. The room wasn't much different than a dealership's service area -- snack machines, TVs, out dated magazines, etc. I'm sure the cost was higher than expected, but this procedure was completely covered by our insurance. The wait was around twice as long as expected. Again, it reminded me of the typical auto dealership visited.

I'm sure you know that when you get an auto repair done you should always ask to see the parts that were replaced. Now, most legitimate mechanics show you without asking. This is where the mechanic parallel became all too real. After the procedure was done the doctor came out and showed me a photo of the procedure. Yes, it was disgusting! Yes, I think I would have preferred to have taken his word for it. What a strange world!

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