Monday, October 15, 2007

Fox Business Vs. CNBC

Fox Business Network began its business day today (sorry, I didn't mean to be redundant) and the debate is on over how big of a player it is going to be.
National Public Radio has chimed in by pointing out that one of the biggest factors is distribution. Today, Fox Business is in 30 million homes and CNBC is in 90. In the same vein, I'm a news freak (and a Fox fan in particular) and here it is launch day and I have no idea where to find the channel in the Houston market. NPR's point is well taken.
However, distribution isn't everything and there is always a curve involved with the introduction of anything new. I have already thoroughly checked out the videos online (which is where the future of TV is, in my opinion) and am certain we will see it in all the same places we find CNBC in no time. In fact, I'm sure some of the distribution "problems" are planned as the station makes sure it has reached a high level of quality as early as possible.
I like CNBC, so I do not mean this as a slight to that network. But being on many channels is only one part of the formula. Being wanted by viewers is even more important. I have little doubt that Fox Business will have plenty of demand.

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