Thursday, September 27, 2007

Walmart's Continued War on Poverty

I'm an unashamed Walmart fan and have sung its praises in numerous blog posts over time. The company's latest ad campaign only continues to highlight the positive impact the company is having on the personal economies of people everywhere.

Why do I love Walmart?

* Because it is the country's largest employer with over 1.3 million receiving paychecks thanks to the company personified with a smiley face.

* It reduces poverty in developing countries without spending a single US tax dollar, thanks to job creation by the business super power around the globe. Walmart pays more than the industry norm in those countries and are developing the future consumers of US products. Americans like to complain about the jobs we export and goods we import. The reason the US imports more than we export is because we can afford to. The last time we had a long term trade surplus was during the Great Depression, which is not an attractive proposition. If we want foreign countries to buy our goods, they will have to be richer. Walmart is leading that effort.

* The result of making goods at a price that is a fraction of what they would cost in other parts of the world saves US consumers $2,500.00 a year on average (see video). This is an incredible savings for US consumers. Furthermore, Walmart keeps competitor prices in check as well.
Walmart remains my hero in the market place.

I get tired of the negative remarks against the retail giant and appreciate saving every dollar I can when I go shopping there.

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Blogger From the wisdom of the Lyrical Coder said...

I ahve to wholeheartedly agree with you, sir.

I'm an unabashed supporter of Wal-Mart as well, and not just for the reasons you outlined here.

I comment regularly to the WakeUpWalMart website. Unfortunately, none of my comments ever get posted. Hmmm, wonder why?
So much for their idea of free and open discussions.

Let's keep pointing out the good works that Wal-Mart does and keep hammering away at detractors who don't bother doing a curosry "fact check"....

You rock!

Logan 5 Scott

2:14 PM  

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