Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How to Market to Houston Businesses

Secret: This article will work in almost any city, but even the title is a part of the marketing strategy. At the time of this writing most of my clients are in Houston, I want them to find me in a simple Google search. I think you get the idea.

The way people market today is predicated on factors that really didn't exist just a few years ago. You would almost think that someone would have told many marketing businesses that they have no legitimate reason to exist with the advent of the Internet. Or, at the very least, they should make it clear that there expertise doesn't include the Internet if such is not the case. Ironically, some of the largest and most prestigious lag far behind in developing Internet based strategies.

I believe in the convergence of media. I believe some people like some sources of information while others might prefer a different means. I like everything; audio, video and (I'm old) articles. Some like TV, but increasingly many prefer to watch TV online (as Rupert Murdoch likes to say, "when and where they want it."). My firm uses TV, radio, podcasts (video and audio), articles, blogs, etc. to reach audience for our clients. With over 100,000 unique viewers and around 1 million hits each month, this strategy is working.

The hardest people to reach are business owners. It is quite common for them to work 10 hours plus, but still want to be kept informed. These individuals are quick to turn the page at the first sign of an ad, flip a channel at first sight of the commercial, or spin the radio at first sound of a break in their programming. My answer to that problem is simple. Get your message across when people are listening and watching. The group I describe as "the Accumulators" demand such.

I produced an audio about this important demographic group and I have been told by colleagues that recognizing this group and developing strategies to reach them can make or break a business. I have been encouraged to more vigorously spread the word on it, which is why I am writing this post.

I was recently interviewed by Robbie Adair of the Media A-Team on the power of the convergence of media (an essential element in reaching Accumulators) and want to invite readers to watch it here. Until people understand the importance of a multi-media approach and the role Accumulators are playing in the economy, they are going to find acquiring business a much more frustrating proposition.

Note: Order Kevin Price's audio program The Accumulators, which explains the impact that the Internet is having on marketing and consumer behavior. It is available online here for only $10 plus p and h. Receive the Houston Business Review e-zine free each week by clicking here.

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