Friday, September 07, 2007

Fred Thompson Finally Jumps In

General Douglas MacArthur said that wars are lost because countries do "too little, too late." Having had worked on many campaigns over the years, I can actually say the same thing about elections.

As we sit following the formal announcement by the former Senator from Tennessee, Fred Thompson, I find myself asking the same question. Is it too late for him to get traction? Will his delays look like reluctance rather than deliberation? Does he lack the time to build the necessary machine to win in 2008?

I have spoken favorably about a Thompson candidacy both here and at Redstate.com. I will likely get on board now that he has made it official, but he makes me very nervous. He makes me question his level of confidence going into this race.

I'm hoping people perceive him as staying "above the fray" and even looking "Presidential." Once he faces a group of candidates who have undergone the expenditure of large amounts of money and have faced extensive scrutiny, we will see how much his star shines (no pun intended). Largely left untouched by opponents, former Governor Mitt Romney has described him as a "walk on" candidate who is showing up a little late in this process.

We will begin to see how the candidate fairs now that he has formally announced this week.

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