Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blog Goes Multimedia

One of the things I like to boast about during the Houston Business Show (now Hour, M-F, on CNN 650 at 7 AM) is that my Houston Business Show and Hour Websites are going completely multimedia. Podcasts of the radio show, podcasts of audio that are exclusive to the website, video, (starting in October) a TV show, and of course articles and blog posts. In fact, our websites are the only local business news and information website that is completely multimedia.

Well, one thing in my life that has remained very 20th century it this blog. Until now. If you scan down you will notice that each post on this page includes a video. There may be times where I have audio instead (because of the availability of resources), but I'm committed to provide multimedia whenever it is available. I will not, however, choose a subject exclusively on this criteria, but it will play a role.

I have long believed that different people learn different ways. Furthermore, different people are attracted to different types of entertainment and information. That alone has bolstered my desire to move towards multimedia.
Some times the media will reinforce the article. Other times, it will be a mere example. Other time still, it will be a desperate attempt to make the video some how relevant to the article. Seriously though, with the sheer volume of multimedia content, it shouldn't be difficult to find such information. I hope you enjoy this addition.
Note: Order Kevin Price's audio program The Accumulators, which explains the impact that the Internet is having on marketing and consumer behavior. It is available online here for only $10 plus p and h.

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