Tuesday, August 14, 2007

CNBC to Fox Business: We Are Ready

According to a recent Media Bistro ezine:

In today's Hollywood Reporter, NBCU's Jeff Zucker confidently reveals how CNBC will handle the arrival of Fox Business Network: "We're not going to make the same mistake CNN made when Fox News Channel came along a decade ago. We'll be strong and aggressive and continue to prove what makes CNBC by far the leading financial news broadcaster in the world."Zucker continues, "I think there is a degree of irony that the company that broke the story that Rupert Murdoch wanted to buy Dow Jones was CNBC."

Obviously Murdoch could have broke that same story and chose not to and this story reminds me of the saying that "pride comes before the fall." I don't think CNN fell over and played dead, but simply tried to down play the significance of the rival at their own peril. I believe Fox won the content war more than the personality battle (although I generally prefer Fox's people). I also think the quality of people that Fox brings will be better than what CNBC currently offers. We will have to wait and see.

With Fox's purchase of the Wall Street Journal, will the Dow Jones Industrial Average become the Fox Business Industrial Average? I'm dying to see a CNBC reporter say something like that.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It won't be difficult for Fox to get better business anchors and reporters than CNBC which was gifted a monopoly from the 1991 demise of FNN. If a high pitched voice, bald self-taught so-called anchor like Ron Insana is the best CNBC could do, Fox will be a slam dunk winner. The other CNBCers are graduates of the Bloomberg school of robotic business reporting. The key is distribution, CNNfn failed because of restricted exposure so Fox needs to get into homes and offices everywhere, especially the 3 main pockets of wealth: New York, Florida and California.

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Blogger Kevin Price said...

Very interesting observations.

8:26 PM  

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